Our Team

We understand the responsibility that you bestow upon us and hence, do our uttermost to provide you with the best PhD assistance possible. Our professional writers are experts in all aspects as writing assistance. We ensure of this by only choosing the most refined writers with the help of our rigorous recruitment process.

Our refining process evaluates the writers’ analytical thinking, conceptual understanding, existing knowledge application, and language abilities. The writers that go through the refining process already are PhD holders and professionals, such as medical experts, engineers, managers, accountants, and even scientists.

All of such candidates have a strong conceptual foundation and an even stronger grasp on the practical aspects of their academic domain. This refers to them being an all-rounder in their domain and the best help for you as PhD writing assistance.

More than being a professional expert of their academic domain, our writers are also equipped with our business ethics that motivates them to provide you, our client, with the best writing assistance every single day. This motivation is what drives every single writer of your team to take on new projects every day with the same non-ending enthusiasm.

Our team of writer comprises of professionals worldwide who bring the expertise of USA, UK, and Australia at your disposal. The main fields that each of our writer passes for being recruited are to be/have:

  • A native English speaker
  • Experienced in academic writing as a researcher
  • A PhD or master’s degree from an accredited university in USA, UK, or Australia.
  • Passed our refining written test, skype interview, and our in-house scrutinization process.

Our work ethic along with the expertise of our writers have allowed us to form unique writing assistance methods. With these methods, we have helped hundreds of Indian and International scholars to successfully defend their thesis.

Our in-house committee consists of Ph.D. holders, post-doctoral professionals, and M.D.s holding Ph.D. who all have been writing as research advisors for a significant amount of time. Our team also consists of skilled biostatisticians, statisticians, and data managers who all focus on the data-related aspects of your research project.

Our team consists of copy editors and proofreaders as well, who make sure that your document get copyedited, formatted, and properly cited, so that it gets near to perfect and becomes a surety for you getting great grades.

The different experts of our team work along with our professional CRM software to provide you with your projects in the best time frame possible and way before our committed deadline. Our time-management skills have been termed as exceptional by our clients and will not disappoint you as well.

PhD Assistance puts your project on priority and never reduces its content quality just to complete it within the given time frame. You can and should expect no less than the very best end result for your money.

Our team consists of writers that have been trained at Harvard School, University of Birmingham and even the London School of Business. Our team at PhD Assistance has a great amount of experience in handling the projects of writing theses and dissertations, so you can hire us and feel free to rest assured to get the best bang for your buck.

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