Business management & Humanities

Development Studies

Our Development studies program aims to provide you with the ability to perform an experimental background on your research topic and then develop your
research dynamically with it.


Our education program packs the content required for providing deeper hidden insights that many studies might need for achieving whatever their higher academic goal may be, including researches.

Human Resource Management

As the name suggests, our Human Resource Management packs professionally curated content that can provide you with the essential and deeper practical knowledge and insights that you need.

IT/ Strategic marketing

Our IT/strategic marketing course focuses on making you ready for the questions, problems, and issues that you will face while being in the main role of a company, such as a general administrator.

Social work, Social Policy, and Administration

This program of ours aims to provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge, along with some additional, abilities that you will need for working as a social manager, policy manager, etc.

Modern Languages and Linguistics

Our modern language and linguistics program focuses on enriching you with all the basic and advanced knowledge insights of a language along with its linguists, study of a specific language, for fluency.


Our Philosophy program aims at providing our students and scholars with the philosophical literacy that they need for getting apt at the subject, whether to give an exam on it or for conducting research.

Health Sciences

Our health science course is specially curated for active and aspiring health practitioners and packs a punch that can allow them to provide them with the required knowledge about the best practices and policies.

The Middle East and African Studies (MENA)

Our course tends to address the skills and knowledge that our scholars, who are interested in conducting researches or studying on and about, respectively, middle east and African countries, will need.

Architecture and The Built Environment

Our architecture and the built environment course is for the students who are passionate about creating city and town structures with impressive design concepts and the built environment.

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