Health and Medical


Our nursing program provides the necessary skillset required for becoming an independent researcher in the field of providing nursing care to the vulnerable and sensitive communities.

Clinical Pharmacology

Our Clinical pharmacology program is an industry-leading professional course, built for providing the skills and science-based knowledge that is needed for examining the effects of drugs in humans.

Public Health

Our Public Health program is curated for the crowd who are pursuing the field of public health and provides the required skillset and knowledge needed for working in several public health disciplines.

Food Science and Nutrition

Our Food Science and Nutrition program is made for those who aim to pursue the graduate degree in the related nutritional science and want to conduct researchers in the same research field.

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Our Complimentary and Alternative Medicine program is derived for those who persevere to get proficient with carrying our several medical practices in in the most efficient way possible.

Psychology and Psychiatry

Our psychology and psychiatry program aim to provide the necessary skillset for carrying out studies on the mind and human behavior to derive a relationship between them and achieve the desired results.

Politics and Sociology

Our politics and sociology program focuses at providing the perspective from both political science and sociological aspects to make sure that their physical, critical, and analytical attributes get addressed.

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