Finance and Others

Accounting and Finance

Our Accounting and Finance program provides the student with the overview that they need for preparing a thesis/dissertation or for conducting different kinds of researchers in the same field.


Our marketing program aims at giving the scholar the mind equipment and techniques that they need for progressing in their marketing-related academic career and getting better professionally.

Tourism and Hospitality

Our tourism and hospitality course is made to provide you with the theoretical and practical skills, knowledge, and insights that you need for making a way into the professional culture of this field.


Our English course is mainly curated to provide our learners with all the knowledge, tips, and tricks, from the best literary sources, that they are going to need for covering English-related subject topics.


Our history program is curated to provide you with the ability to conduct researches and advance in your academic career, related to historical phenomenon understanding and analysis for better results.

Classics and ancient history

Our classics and ancient history programs aim to provide our students with the ability that they need for analyzing, compiling, and presenting classical and ancient historical data for better scholarly interpretations.


Our law course is made from hand-picked relevant data that aims at providing the interested candidates with all the practical and theoretical knowledge that they need for law proficiency.

Operational Research

Our operational research is made to provide you with comprehensive data about management science and related fields, after boiling it down to the last concentrated parts, for educational purposes.

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