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Research Problem Identification Guidance Service

Have difficulties in facing the task of identifying the research problem head-on? Trying to narrow down or clarify the best problems for your research paper? Getting daunted by the thought of having to find the research gap and then forming a good research question from it?

Then, you have come to the right place.

PhD writing assistance – Research Proposal

Guidance Problem Identification from Top-University
Qualified Ph.D. Mentors

Our Expert PhD researchers identify the problem statement that provides scope for the completion of your research paper. The topic is identified by our experts after having a brainstorming session with you. In this brainstorming session, our problem identifiers assess your mental state concerning the research project, such as what intrigues you the most? What is your major interest? How have your personal experiences been in such topics? Knowing about these questions allows our writers to form a conceptual framework of your desired topic and then form PhD topics and a problem statement based on it. Our team consists of experts who have completed their Master’s and doctoral degrees from globally top-ranking universities, such as from the USA, Russia, Australia, India, and the UK.